November 11th, 10am

Bonnie Brae Median Garden and Mandell Park We will be venturing outside the Heights to Montrose to visit the esplanade on Bonnie Brae at Yaupon. Willem Kegge has transformed the narrow median into a garden for pollinators and children. Willem will explain how he turned the hard packed clay into soft loam over time and on a shoe string budget. This is a true labor of love. Afterward we will go down to the other end of the block to visit the newly transformed Mandell Park. This volunteer maintained park hosts a small pocket prairie garden, vegetable gardens and several bioswales to contain and utilize excess rainwater. Directions: Take Montrose Blvd. to Richmond Ave. and turn right. Turn left on Yupon St. about 4 blocks west of Montrose. The first right off of Yaupon is Bonnie Brae with the median garden.

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spring%20house_247x185.jpg Harvest Potluck, Nov. 15th, 7pm. at the Heights Fire Station at 12th and Yale Our final event of the year. Please join us for our harvest celebration. Turkey and libations are provided; bring a side or dessert. Fun and games and door prizes.

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414 W. 13th Residence Garden Tour Sarah and Rich Doty are a long time Heights couple who recently updated their garden. The front garden is shaded by several Camphor trees which made for a poor lawn. Ravenscourt Landscaping and Design helped the Dotys' overcome this problem by designing a garden that was low maintenance and attractive. They used several waves of low maintenance ground covers that grow in shade and other shade tolerant plants along the house. Low maintenance was important to them both. Sarah and Rich also wanted a garden along the side of their home that would attract birds and pollinators. The side yard along the alley was a long strip of lawn to start with. The grass was removed and a winding path put in. This space was turned into a "Pollinators Cafe." The plants are mostly native and something is meant to be in flower most of the year. It was knocked back by our 2 day winter hard freeze but came back with only a few plants needing replacing. The deluge of rain has not disturbed the garden much at all. Another fun feature is the back deck which Rich has painted into a runway. Shawn and Laurin of Ravenscourt Landscaping and Design were there to answer our questions. The design and plantlist for the front yard and Pollinator Cafe are behind the links.

September/October Yard of the Month

spring%20house_247x185.jpg 204 E. 25th St. When Sasha and Lance Grover began considering the design of their yard, they wanted to make sure they incorporated a lot of color and flowers, similar to that of an English cottage garden. Ravenscourt Landscaping and Design helped narrow their focus on plants that would be resilient to the Texas heat, while still achieving the lush “secret garden” aesthetic they desired. They have enjoyed watching the butterflies flutter around the Echinacea and always have quite a few bees enjoying the African basil. One of their favorite parts of the project is the vertical garden that hangs on the fence. Ravenscourt designed and built the structure, and the Grovers have been using it for herbs, peppers, and smaller flowers. They also really like the vines that were placed between their back deck and carport. Sasha and Lance say the landscaping that was designed and installed by Ravenscourt has really put the finishing touch on their house.

We would like to thank Joshua's Native Plants for this month’s Yard-of-the-Month gift certificate.

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