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Schiller Garden Tour: 309 E 13th St. Gottfried and Anne Schiller moved to Houston over ten years ago from Europe where they were both avid gardeners. Gottfried is from Dresden, Germany and Anne is from the states but spent 21 years in London. Gardening here in Houston has been on ongoing experience for them but they have enjoyed the process. The front yard is a shade garden with many varieties of trees and shrubs including hydrangeas, camellias, hostas, a fig tree and even a blood orange tree where there is sun. There is a raised stone pond built by Gottfried loved by the fish, toads, and frogs a like. The birds love to visit as well. The sunny backyard includes a Queen palm tree, an angel trumpet tree, yews, a plumeria among several other plant varieties and raised beds for growing vegetables. There is also a European sauna and a stone pizza oven also built by Gottfried!

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Saturday October 8th 10am Last Organic Outpost at 711 N. Emile St.

Thursday November 10th 7pm Harvest Potluck at Heights Firestation

Saturday November 12th 10am 5411 Braeburn Drive (Meyerland), Toby Turner residence garden

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Make Your Own Hummingbird Feeder at the Heights Firestation The garden club hosted its first craft event. In preparation for the fall hummingbird migration, we made and decorated hummingbird feeders. The club provided: Beads, some flat sided colored stones, tiles, hummingbird feeder tubes, some wire, glue and glass paint and also tools. Members brought their own small bottle to decorate and any beads or flat sided stones they wanted to use or share. We also learned about the hummingbird migration, which flowers and shrubs attract them to your garden, a nectar recipe and the proper care of the feeder. Creativity flowed and everyone had a great time. Thank you to Carolyn Coates with Angle Wing ARTS who created an original painting just for this event and also Rod Frego of Custom Barns and Garages who provided a gift certificate from Buchanan's Native Plants.

August Yard of the Month

spring%20house_247x185.jpg 813 Key Street Homeowner Gabrielle Butler moved to Houston from Calgary three years ago. Due to Calgary’s cool climate and limited number of plants that grew there she was not much of a gardener. Her homes yard and garden here in the Heights was put in and designed by Bedolla Lawn. There are a few older trees which dictated that a lot of the plants needed to be tolerant of shade. Included in the plants are Foxtail fern, Wheeler Dwarf Pittosporum, and Chinese Witch Hazel that work well in the shadier areas. Where there is some sun light there are begonias, Lily of the Nile, and pentas which add some nice color and of course one of Houston’s definitive trees in the front curb area, Crape Myrtles. We want to thank Zone 9 Tropicals for donating a gift certificate for the August Yard of the Month.
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Latest Gardening Project

IndexPhotos/ecologyclub.jpgHeights Boulevard Entrance Garden This past May the garden club updated the entrance garden trimming back the lantana, replacing the Mexican Mint Marigold with coral drift roses, blue salvia and blue daze; and mulching to hold down the inevitable weeds. Hopefully it will make a colorful splash over the summer. Thank you to Jeb with Landscape Innovations for digging out the mint marigold and to all our volunteers for helping to make the entrance garden a more welcoming space.