June 10th, 10am

1421 Columbia residence garden tour Owners Anita Goff and Denise Martin historic home was built in 1910 and originally was one story Victorian Cottage 4 square (4, 14' square rooms on each corner with 8' hallway front to back. AKA, shotgun). Later, in the 1920's, the house was converted to a duplex until the 70s when it was transformed back into a single family home. When the owners bought the house in 1990 and the house could not be seen from the street due to the overgrown plantings. Oleanders were planted along the back fence and came 16' into the backyard. The new owners remodeling additions required recreating back gardens and deck. The bricks from walkway to back were all pulled up, cleaned and reinstalled. They are original pavers from the old Main St. bridge. Last summer they got tired of fighting shade under the oak trees and trying to grow grass. So, they reinvented the front yard to include shade plantings and a sitting area for a bench.

Upcoming Events

Garden Craft Project, August 15th, 7pm We are planning another craft project for the hot month of August. We will be sending out more information soon. Stay tuned.

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Residence garden of Donald Burger and Maria Trevino, 702 Mosby Circle Their home, a Queen Anne style painted lady, is complimented by their exemplary Southern garden full of heirloom, native, and perennial plants that provides a habitat for birds, butterflies, and bees. Along with the over 100 antique and modern roses, the backyard garden includes a vegetable and herb garden, a rose-covered arbor, citrus and fruit trees, a cactus garden, bee hives, and an outdoor garden railroad. All this is in addition to a 1000 gallon liner pond with a natural gravel bottom, waterfall and bog. The pond contains water lilies and goldfish. A skimmer and bog garden keep the water crystal clear with minimal maintenance. Additional water features include a disappearing fountain in the front and small water fountains in the back. There is plenty of seating to enjoy the many views and all the garden art.

Mother's Day Daylily Tour in Brazoria, May 14th The garden club ventured out to Brazoria to visit two daylily gardens. Our first stop was a private garden belonging to Loris Garrett with approximately 1,300 varieties of daylillies, some hybridized by the owner. Our second stop will be the Crainer's Daylily Farm. They collect daylillies for sale from many well-known hybridizers, including those from the Crainers. We also enjoyed a sack lunch under very old live oak trees. See Crainer's Daylily Farm for more information about the Crainer garden.

May Yard of the Month

spring%20house_247x185.jpg 1235 Harvard - The owners employed Pam August to help translate their thoughts into a comprehensive hardscape and landscape plan in the double lot yard. They contracted Bella Terra to do the six-month rejuvenation project. In the front yard are beds that feature mini holly bushes lining the gravel sidewalk, which was a concession to the large oak tree roots. Other plantings include gardenias, azaleas, sculpted ligustrum and perennials that work in the shade of the large oak trees fronting the house. The center walkway features a "water pump" fountain that flows into an 1800 era carved stone Chinese cattle trough for which Bella Terra built a custom pedestal. Yard fixtures include a restored 1890 hitching post from Chicago and an early 1900 street lamp from New Orleans. The side yard features a small courtyard with a large replica ornamental cast iron fountain ringed by flowers and plants sitting in front of a brick wing wall that insures privacy. The back yard features a custom pool and outdoor kitchen. The fence is lined by Buford holly trees fronted by luripemdlum that provide privacy and other backyard plantings include sculpted ligustrum bushes, bottlebrush with beds of Knockout roses and a redbud Tree for color. We want to Thank Joshua's Native Plants for the wonderful Gift Certificate honoring our May, 2017 Yard of the Month.
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Latest Gardening Project

IndexPhotos/ecologyclub.jpgHeights Boulevard Entrance Garden This past May the garden club updated the entrance garden trimming back the lantana, replacing the Mexican Mint Marigold with coral drift roses, blue salvia and blue daze; and mulching to hold down the inevitable weeds. Hopefully it will make a colorful splash over the summer. Thank you to Jeb with Landscape Innovations for digging out the mint marigold and to all our volunteers for helping to make the entrance garden a more welcoming space.